I used to joke that if I gained five pounds it went straight to my eyelids.  I've wanted upper-eyelid surgery for a while, so I finally had my blepharoplasty this past Friday.  Some people raise their eyebrows when it comes to elective surgery, but maybe those people don't have hooded eyelids that make them feel like a basset hound.

No need to buy a Halloween costume this year because after I "got work done" I could pick from either being Frankenstein or Stitch sans Lilo.  Are my eyes swollen, purple, and stitched up like a rag doll?  Yes.  Do I mind?  No. Here's the thing, the hooded eyelids bothered me way more than having stitches for a week and scars that will fade away over time.


Who's the pretty, pretty girl?  LOL. OK, look, if you've ever taken a pencil and placed it on your eyebrow and rolled up your lid then you get me.  This is one of those things that if you have it, it bugs the crap out of you and if you don't, you wonder "why did she put herself through this?"  I'm a supporter of doing things that make you feel and look better as long as it is done responsibly.  So if you were wondering if you should do it, I say go for it!  The swelling gets worse 24-48 hours after surgery, this is what it looked like last night:

Shannon Holly two days post surgery. Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Shannon Holly two days post-surgery. Photo credit: Shannon Holly

I was awake for my surgery.  I was given a medicine that went under my tongue that "took the edge off" and then my surgeon used a local anesthetic to numb me.  The weird part was, I heard the snip, snip, snip of my fat pad and eyelid being cut away but that little melting pill under my tongue made me not really care.  I knew when she did my actual lid though because my eyes were closed but all of a sudden I saw light. She was taking away the extra eyelid skin and that meant having a hole there for a few minutes.  That was a trip.  The whole thing took about 25 minutes per eye and it was done right in her office, not a hospital.

I'm so excited to see the final result but I will have to be patient.  I get my stitches out on Friday and then it will take another week or two for the swelling to really go away.  The incision will fade over time almost totally.  My good friend got this done before me and her scar is non-existent today.  I'll keep you posted with a before and after once I'm all healed up!  I'm already shopping for eyeshadow.

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