I have written several times about abandoned resorts, castles, and buildings all over the Adirondack Mountains and the Catskill Mountains, but this castle might be the most interesting and mysterious.

The Dundas Castle was built in the early 1900s. The owner died before it was completed and his wife was rumored to be locked away in one of the upper rooms of the castle until she was sent to a mental institution. The castle was then left to their 18-year-old daughter and her fortune stolen by the castle caretakers.

The castle was sold to a Masonic Temple to be used as a retirement home, but that dream was never realized.

There are rumors and myths that the castle is haunted by the spirit of Josephine Dundas. The most mysteriously and outrageous claim is that one of the ponds around the castle turns blood red during full moons, but this has never been actually documented.

The castle is private property and is protected by security cameras so visiting it is not allowed. The best you can do is enjoy the pictures from someone else that ventured into the long-abandoned castle.

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