Too often we see this site as we travel around the Jersey Shore, abandoned gas stations that sit dark and with no future plans in sight.

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These eyesores are all over and I wonder what could be done to simply clean up and beautify these locations?

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Now I know that these locations sit idle probably because there are tanks and/or ground contamination that must be cleaned before someone could build again on these locations.

How about there be some sort of law that says a property owner of these types of businesses must make some sort of beautification alterations before abandoning these sites. I know that they board them up and paint them black, but let's face it... it's an eyesore. Not sure what could be done, maybe plant bushes, put benches out...make it like a little park?

Just something to take the eyesore away and beautify our neighborhoods, until something new can be built to replace the eyesore. I think the "mini-park" idea might be a good idea, why not? better than the alternative....


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


So what are YOUR thoughts? Is there a plan for this location on Route 88 in Brick Township? if not what is a solution to avoid ugly eyesores in the future? Give us your "two cents" let's see what YOU at home are thinking.


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