This letter is for the decision makers of Netflix.

Within the past few months, there have been a lot of new announcements regarding your video streaming service and to be honest, I am starting to feel some type of way about it. (And I am hoping I am not alone) 

So first, you raise the monthly prices. We get it (sort of); it all is about money and everything around us is slowly but surely getting more and more expensive. We weren't happy about it but fine.

THEN, you refused to stop those automatic previews. Kind of obnoxious but once again, we managed to move on.

AND THEN you began losing some of your best shows and movies to your competition. You raise your prices and then don't even keep the shows and movies that would make it worth that price.

Not to mention, now we have to pay for four different streaming platforms to watch the shows that we want?! Do you think money grows on trees?!

AND FINALLY, there is talk that you are working to stop password sharing. I am not really sure what we did to you but times are tough! Let us share our password with our family and BFF's.

Let me just warn you. You are pissing people off. People will not want to deal with this crap. Your subscriptions will drop. And then nobody wins.

SO...could you at least PRETEND that you are somewhat on our side? Care about us a LITTLE?!

Okay rant over.

Have a lovely day all.

Nicole S. Murray.

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