Last year was a trip weather-wise.  While North Jersey had its snowy moments, South Jersey had a lot more snowfall than its used to!

The normal average snowfall in North Jersey is usually about 34 inches of snow.  Central Jersey (yes, the center of our state is getting its own designation of Central) usually gets around 28 inches but South Jersey is usually around 18 inches.  That is 16 inches less than the North!  However, last year South Jersey got the brunt.

What will it be like this year?  Experts way smarter than I are predicting less snow overall.  How much less?  Up to 70 percent less.  We like that sound of that!  Why so mild?  La Nina is returning for the third straight winter which sounds intimidating but actually brings warmer weather!  Read more about it from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Prediction Center

I do have to revive one of my favorite life hacks concerning this topic.  Do you want to shovel your driveway in less than 10 minutes?  Use the mega shovel.  While the mega shovel is not an official product (that I’m aware of) it is the name I gave to my 12-foot card table.  When it does snow in New Jersey, just whip out that old card table that you probably have handy from Thanksgiving.  The key is to push the snow and pack it to the side every hour as the storm progresses so it does not get too heavy.  It makes your driveway neat and clean and takes a fraction of the time!  I illustrated it for you here:

Here is a list of snow hacks that will help you this winter!  

Here are some listener photos from winter 2021.

Jersey Shore Nor'easter 2021 Listener Pictures

Random question, did you know that New Jersey has a volcano?

DID YOU KNOW: New Jersey has a volcano!



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