WALL — It's a twist on a classic scam with the same result: the car wrap scam.

Fliers have shown up on cars in the parking lot of a Route 35 shopping center offering the chance to wrap your car and "earn a couple hundred bucks." After agreeing to the wrap, a check arrives but it's for an amount in the thousands, according to police.

The instructions tell you to deposit the check, keep your share and wire the rest to another company that will wrap the car, according to police, who added that following the instructions only results in a bounced check, no car wrap and being on the hook for the wired amount.

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“Never trust a company (or anybody) that asks you to deposit money into your account then wire money from it. That’s a classic wiring scam,” police said.

They also warn to never send money to someone you don’t know or haven’t met face to face. Also be especially wary if they tell you to use a gift card or wire transfer.

If you suspect a scam police said to file a complaint with the FTC on their website under scams and rip-offs.

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