Open for only 5 weeks, this place is beautiful.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

I realize that Perfect Perk Café used to have a different location, but I never went there so I can't compare.

Last night on a leisurely drive my son and I discovered this brand new place, and we loved it!

Matt, the Barrista who was behind the counter, was incredibly friendly and helpful. The coffee was amazing, and there were a ton of delectable desserts to choose from.

(Photo by Ben F)

The atmosphere is gorgeous...whoever did the interior design on this place has impeccable taste.

There's free wi-fi, lots of tables, a couple of comfy couches, and a nice amount of outdoor space for the good weather and when you have your dog with you.

The only two negatives (which won't stop me from going there) are that the view isn't so great because the construction across the street has come to a standstill so you're left looking at a bit of ugliness. The other negative, which really surprises me, is that this place doesn't open until 9 am. In my opinion, a coffee shop should open much earlier than that. But it does stay open most nights until 10 pm, which makes it a great place for dessert and coffee after your dinner.

(Photo by Ben F)

I don't see a current website or social media page yet for this new place, but it's called Perfect Perk Café and it's on Main Street and Third Ave. in Bradley Beach. (If you go to social media, you will see their old address and photos of the old location.)