May the 4th be with you while you save the environment.  Yes, in a matter of days plastic bags are going bye-bye and New Jersey is not exempt.

Have you noticed that some food stores are still asking you if you want paper or plastic and others say sorry about your luck, your loading that cart and your on your own?

It’s not just plastic bags getting banned, it is paper too at the large food stores. In fact, any store over 2,500 feet is not allowed to offer bags unless they are reusable.

They will also end Styrofoam take-out food containers which is awesome because they never decompose.

By the way, in Jersey, if we do something we really do it.  Other states have lighter variations of the bans but we are hardcore.  For us, no plastic bags, paper bags or Styrofoam.  I know it is a hassle but it is worth it. We’ll get used to it…just bring those bags.

We do have one caveat, any store that is not a grocery store like a clothing store will be allowed to carry on.

There is a fine of up to a grand a day so don’t expect stores to do the dirty Jersey and bend the rules.

According to The Patch there are other stores allowing bags under certain conditions:

Dry cleaning seems to be one of them.  Which seems unnecessary to me.  Are you on board with the ban?  They do make super cute canvas bags which I love because you can throw them in the wash and keep them clean, unlike the other reusable ones.  Just food for thought!

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