Hey fellow Giants fans. Did you also start the night with hope and excitement, and wind up with that same old bad feeling in your stomach and a tear in your eye? You're not alone.

This morning I compared it to getting back with an ex only to have the same old argument the first time you see each other. You hoped it wouldn't happen, but you kinda knew it would. And you get upset with yourself thinking it would play out any other way.

Here we go again, right? Any Giants fan knows they can't just lose a game. Oh no, they have to make you think they're going to have a dramatic comeback win and get you all pumped up...and then they rip your heart out. Fun, right?

You know what happens though. They'll win some big games and have some great comebacks and they'll make us believe again. And we'll do it gladly. What's wrong with us? Hey, that's the price we pay for being Giants fans...and I wouldn't want it any other way. Well actually, I would like it a little different...I would have liked a win.