As New Jersey says goodbye to many Bed Bath & Beyond locations, we are left with a question.

What is going to move into the old BB&B stores? I may have a hint.

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Home goods mainstay Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy in March and announced that it would be closing its remaining 360 Bed Bath & Beyond stores and 120 buybuy Baby brick-and-mortar locations.

This doesn't include the over 400 Bed Bath & Beyond stores that have closed over the past year.

Why did Bed Bath & Beyond file for bankruptcy?

It really comes down to the fact that our shopping habits have dramatically changed, especially after the pandemic.

Even before COVID, retail locations were facing declining sales due mainly to online shopping.

Take Amazon for example. We can order virtually anything in the world and have it delivered to our doorsteps in two days.

In some cases, we can get items the next or the same day.

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With our busy lives leaving us less time to physically go shopping, Amazon, and other online retailers have become a necessity.

Still, I have to think that some must miss going up and down the aisles and discovering items. When is the last time you went into a fitting room to try clothes on?

We will miss Bed Bath & Beyond and its big blue coupons.

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It turns out that a very unique lifestyle retailer may be looking to take over the many empty BB&B locations.

Currently in Canada, an entrepreneur is launching retail locations called room + spaces in over 20 former Bed Bath & Beyond locations.

The stores are set to open by this summer. It's said to:

cater to the modern shopper who is looking to create spaces throughout their home that reflect their unique personality and style. The stores will carry a broad range of products for every room in the home. From essentials such as kitchen gadgets and luxurious towels to unique items like bed wedges, cherry pitters and charcuterie sets, the stores will have everything needed to transform a space, whether it be a house, apartment or cottage, into a home.

While this is only happening in Canada for now, if the launch of room + spaces goes well, there's no reason the retailer couldn't move into the U.S.

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