What have we continuously talked about these last few weeks?

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Answer: How tough it has become to survive in this economy.

Between inflation, record-setting gas prices and overall, everything is just more expensive. The $1.00 doesn't cover nearly what it used to.

So why, with all this going on, is this proposal is being offered NOW is beyond me.

Please take a moment to mentally prepare before you continue to read because your Summer fun is at risk here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Prepare to take double the cash to the boardwalks this Summer because, according to NJOag.gov, one of the most popular attractions might see a huge spike in price.

You know those boardwalk games you always see? Like the water gun race or popping of the balloons?

Well as of now, the maximum amount that can be charged per game is $10.00 per play. I already think this number is a bit too expensive, by the way.

According to NJOag,gov., it is being proposed to double this maximum payment.

Yes, you just read DOUBLE.

If passed, people can be charged up to $20 per play.

Just to be clear, this isn’t saying all vendors and boardwalk games will now charge this new, insane price. But if the limit is raised, you know there are places that will open that door.

What happened to slow increases? What happened to affordability?

The reason behind this proposal is obvious. If everything else is more expensive - supplies, cost of labor - then more money has to come from somewhere to make up for it.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Lifeguards must be paid, the beaches must be maintained. I get it.

But a 100% increase is too much, WAY too fast.

May I pay devil's advocate to this proposal?

Spiking the cost to play boardwalk games might actually come back to bite us in the hind quarters.

Think of how the typical boardwalk goer gets pulled into playing.

"How would you like to take a shot. There's a winner almost every time!"

The kids see some of the colorful, fluffy prizes and lets out a humongous scream because they absolutely must play now or they won't survive.

"Okay, okay kids. Sir, how much is it to play?" asks Mom or Dad.

How many parents - or possible customers in general - are going to respond with, "$20.00?! Sorry kids, let's keep moving."

Parents will want to save that $20.00 for something that won't be used up in 30 seconds or less.

The kids will be heartbroken but then promised ice cream if they behave and all will move along with their evening.

Who do you think it will hurt most when people hold off on those boardwalk games? US!

We rely on all revenue to afford maintaining and staffing the Jersey Shore.

There will be people who are willing to pay $20 per game for the experience.

Inspecting a game on the Seaside Heights boardwalk (Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ)
Inspecting a game on the Seaside Heights boardwalk (Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ)

But a majority of people - myself included - are really starting to feel the substantial increase in the cost of living in their wallets.

This means people are thinking before they purchase.

Visitors are already paying for a place to stay, food, maybe going out for dinner, beach access, parking and more.

Families come with a set budget and when that budget is used up, that is it. These boardwalk games will fall down pretty low on the priority list. I bet you.

In his articleJoe Kelly of Cat Country 96.7/104.1 suggests sending an email to CAProposal@dca.lps.state.nj.us to protest this new change. I think we all should.

Things cost money to maintain and operate.

But we are very quickly approaching that irreversible line of when consumers will decide: Enough is enough. 

Want to take a look back at the good old days when you could actually afford things?

Man, I wish I were alive for some of it:

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