According to, a study was conducted by Save the Children, an international non-governmental organization that rated New Jersey as the top state to raise a child in! (go us!)

The categories that all of the USA states were judged on were health, safety, and security of children while also taking a look the rates of child violence, malnutrition, adolescent births, high school dropouts, and infant mortality.

Now, as happy as I am for our #1 rating, do you think we truly are the best state to raise children in? I get the ratings listed above but shouldn't it break down to more than that?

The Positives:

1. We are very multicultural which exposes children to people from all walks of life early on.
2. New Jersey is on the upper end of the tax rates which should mean more money is being put towards public high school. -- SHOULD being the operative word
3. There are so many different experiences for children within a driving distance: Six Flags, NYC, Beach, Philadelphia....just to name a few.

The Negatives:

1. Sicknesses spread that much quicker because more people populate each square mile.
2. We are closer to the city which is a hotspot for air pollution.
3. It is extremely expensive to survive in New Jersey.
4. A heavier population could mean that kids are not getting the individual attention in schools that they may need. it is your turn. What do you think?

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