It's 2021 and we're finally seeing something that actually looks like it came out of The Jetsons cartoon. Check out this futuristic vending machine that's popped up here in New Jersey.

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This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. And I thought going into Walmart and unlocking a locker to pickup some pre-ordered items was amazing.

There exists a place in Jersey City called Automat Kitchen, according to It's a high-tech, touchless vending machine that delivers a freshly cooked meal! NO CONTACT NECESSARY. Now, that's very 2021, huh? But did you know 'automats' were invented in the early 1900's? They just died off somewhere along the way.

Automat Kitchen's Instragram says it serves a wide variety of 'Comfort classics, reinvented. Made-to-order. Made-to-go.' They make everything from Chicken Pot Pie, to Breakfast Tacos, to Cinnamon Beignets, to Wedge salads. And they all come out of a giant vending machine! The meals are all crafted in kitchen hidden behind a wall, according to on YouTube.

Managing Partner Bob Baydale tells Automat Kitchen's menu is constantly being updated, too.

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WHY, OH WHYYYYYY is this not in SOUTH Jersey? You've got to check out Automat Kitchen's menu, and jot down their location at 525 Washington Blvd. in Jersey City in case you want to check it out for yourself. Since I find myself giddy like a schoolgirl about this place, I'm probably going to find myself there at some point. I'm completely fascinated by this concept, and that fascination won't end until I get to experience Automat Kitchen.

Automat Kitchen, 525 Washington Blvd., Suite A, Jersey City. Opens weekdays from 10a to 8:15 p.m.

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