When you think Jersey of course tomatoes, pizza, diners, and beaches come to mind.

All are a part of who we are and what we love here in the Garden State.

Now add in the turnpike and full-service gas stations...you can't get any more Jersey, right?

If you love playing the New Jersey Lottery you'll be happy to hear about the new Jersey-style scratch-offs featuring all of the above.

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The New Jersey Lottery is kicking off summer with new "It's a Jersey Thing" scratch-offs, events, and giveaways.

You can find these new scratch-offs now in retailers throughout the state. I saw them today at Wawa!

Win Big With New Jersey-Inspired Scratch-Offs From New Jersey Lottery

This is how you play, according to NJlottery.com...

  • The player will scratch the play area to reveal six WINNING NUMBERS and twenty YOUR NUMBERS each associated with a PRIZE.
  • If the player matches any WINNING NUMBERS to the YOUR NUMBERS, the player wins the PRIZE shown for that number.
  • If the player gets a "JERSEY" symbol, the player wins that PRIZE automatically. If the player gets a "$$" symbol, the player wins DOUBLE the PRIZE shown for that symbol.

Look for the New Jersey Lottery promotions team this weekend at the Somerset Patriots, Trenton Thunder, and the TD Bank Food Truck Festival in Millville.

Also, you can check out the New Jersey Lottery website for different giveaways and promotions throughout the summer.

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