When Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow tells me that we have a nor'easter headed to the Jersey Shore with potential for significant snowfall and coastal flooding, I take heed. Just when we thought we might make it through another winter month with almost no snowfall, Mother Nature is getting ready to remind us of her fury here at the Jersey Shore.  Here's the important stuff to know.

Another Major Nor'Easter Barrels Into Northeastern U.S.
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Bundle up!  Sunday evening and into the day Monday could be a snowy and wet one.  Different models have different accumulations, but one thing is for certain...it will be cold, wet (rain or snow), and not ideal for travel.PS - Today I learned that a nor'easter is a storm along the east coast of North America.  It sounds bad...and could be!

National Weather Service Forecast for Sunday 1/31/21
National Weather Service Forecast for Sunday 1/31/21

Here's what the National Weather Service out of Philadelphia shows for Sunday.  You'll notice mixed precipitation throughout the southern part of our state and snow in the northern part.  As I look at different forecasts for Monmouth and Ocean Counties, it appears that Monmouth has a great chance of a larger snowfall, especially to the north and west.

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I'm seeing forecasts predicting 1 to 3 inches Sunday and an additional 1 to 3 inches on Monday.  That potential grand total for the shore is 6, but other areas look worse.  Of course, it could be significantly less or more.  Monday morning could be a big mess!  As snow, rain, wind, and potential flooding, perhaps "2 to 3-foot storm surge along the Jersey Shore," says Dan Zarrow, converges.  It could be a tough commute.

We'll have Dan Zarrow update us throughout the weekend, on-air and online.  If it gets bad on Sunday, we'll break in with updates.  Make sure to download our APP and have notifications enabled, so you'll always get the most important and timely information.

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