How well do you know New Jersey and the Jersey Shore? If you were on JEOPARDY!, how do you think you'd do? These 27 questions are a mix of questions asked about New Jersey in 2021 and Jersey Shore questions asked all-time on Jeopardy!

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The questions are a mix of easy and difficult and everything in between. It starts with 9 nearly impossible NJ questions and finishes with 18 Jersey Shore questions.

Keep track of your score. Here's the grading system:

  • 25+ right = AMAZING
  • 21-24 = GREAT
  • 18-20 = GOOD
  • 17 or under = keep studying

Let's play!

Can You Answer These 9 Nearly Impossible 2021 New Jersey Jeopardy Questions?

Let's. Play. JEOPARDY!

18 Jeopardy Answers That Only A Real Jersey Shore Resident Would Know

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