A history teacher represented the Jersey Shore on the Monday night episode of Jeopardy! Did he reach the summit and become the new champion?

It's always exciting to see a local contestant on a national game show. It always feels like, 'New Jersey! We're smart, TOO!'

And it was a valiant effort by Matthew McElroy, a school teacher from Wildwood in Cape May County.

TSM South Jersey
TSM South Jersey
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McElroy got off to a good start, leading the other two contestants heading into Double Jeopardy! But, despite having more than $10,000 going into Final Jeopardy!, Matthew lost on a question related to early 20th century American novelist Gertrude Stein.

TSM South Jersey
TSM South Jersey

He ended the night with $401, but McElroy, who talked to host Mayim Bialik about loving to be read to as a child, a tradition he carries on with his own son, got to be on television and tell future generations about that time he ALMOST won on Jeopardy!

Congrats, Matthew!

P.S. I'd just like it to be known that I correctly answered Final Jeopardy!, lol.

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