Starting next fall, 56 bathrooms at Princeton University will provide students and staff with free menstrual products!

Thanks to the Menstrual Products Task Force, which is made up of Princeton Students, this New Jersey university has taken a huge step in the right direction. Their overall goal is to provide free products on campus permanently.

Other Princeton students have spoken out discussing the difficulty in being able to afford menstrual products while in college which only helped the task force get the job done.

I am beyond elated to read this headline.

A: These types of products are much more expensive than people realize and it really does add up.

B: This has been a taboo subject for so long and it is so relieving to see the barrier being broken to help those in need of supplies.

It is part of nature, people, and whether you talk about it or not, it must be dealt with.

The hope is that soon, this very idea can be applied to universities throughout New Jersey. How about that, ladies?

But to the Princeton Menstrual Products Task Force....I am currently applauding you. Job well done.

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