Jersey Shore people are sweet, nice generous and fun. And we are many other positive things as well. But none of us are going to win any pronunciation bees, now are we?

We know it, and we embrace it. We say some things differently. Let's call it our own special way. And we're not apologizing about it. As a matter of fact, we embrace it and celebrate it.

When we wake up, we can't function until we have our first cup of caw-fee. That's right, caw-fee. Frankly, we think anything pronounced cah-fee is a little high brow, and probably doesn't have enough caffeine.

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Did you just finish a tough work out? Make sure you hydrate and drink plenty of wawh-ter. And if you started your life in Brooklyn or Staten Island, you can drop the R.

And if you're looking for something sweet after dinner, you can never go wrong with a nice piece of chaw-cuh-lit. Chaah-colate is for people in the movies.

Clearly, we are no strangers to the 'personal pronunciation' world, but just in case you want to limit your mispronunciations, Love Money has listed some of the most mispronounced company names.

It's not just here in Jersey that these are being mispronounced, but I'm sure we'll get blamed for it anyway.'s not just's Porsh-uh.'s not nut-ella, it's noo-tel-uh

Ikea- Jersey loves saying Eye-key-uh, but it's actually Ih-key-uh

Hyundai...some say high-un-die, some say hun-die, but it's simply hun-day.'ve played it, but have you said it right? you don't play say-guh, you actually play see-guh.'re supposed to say volks-vah-gin, but frankly, I'm not even considering changing that one. I think vokes-wagon is pretty much set in stone around here.

Hope we helped!

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