Surprise, surprise - New Jersey was ranked as the most hated state.

This info comes from a site called, but I found out about it from Nicole Murray on our sister station 94.3 the Point.

Now, Nicole brought up some valid points as to why we scored so high (or in this case, maybe low) in the ratings, like our driving skills, the fact that we move at a fast pace, and our loudness, to name a few.

But I'm a strong believer in the "they hate us because they ain't us" theory. Growing up, whenever I was picked on my Mom would always say "it's because they're jealous." I'm applying that same logic to this scenario. And it makes sense because claimed that some of the hate comes from rival states.


The states that were rated the least hated were Idaho, Utah, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona. And while those states have great things about them, they're not as good as Jersey.

Have you ever heard anyone say "man, I really need to get to Idaho to try some of their delicious pizza?" Or "there's nothing like a weekend on the beach in Arizona." That's because neither of those things exists.

I already mentioned the food's incredible, we've got so much to do here - the beaches, Six Flags Great Adventure, farms, and more. Haters are also probably jealous of our prime location - just a short trip away from 2 big cities, NYC and Philly.

I should mention that there was actually a formula the website used to calculate these results, but I like my explanation better. So, to the New Jersey haters, I say - jealousy is a disease. Get well soon!

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