There has been a lot of talk about these "new licenses" that everyone in New Jersey will need when heading to the airport and now, we finally know how you can get one.

The Motor Vehicle Commission just announced that these new licenses, officially called "Read IDs,"  will start being dispersed this upcoming Summer.

The good news is that getting these new IDs will only cost $11.00 and the new laws don't go into affect until October of 2020 which gives us plenty of time to upgrade our licenses.

However, the MVC plans to roll out these new IDs slowly with only one agency (which will be disclosed at a later time) issuing these new IDs this upcoming June.

To help stay on top of things, all New Jersey drivers can actually sign up to receive an email from the MVC to be notified when an agency nearby is issuing Real IDs.

Now, keep in mind that getting a Real ID is not mandatory but you should consider switching if you plan on traveling a lot. In order to upgrade, you will need to use the same six points of identification system as if you were renewing or obtaining a driver's license.

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