A NJ police officer was the sole survivor on the 40th season of the hit reality show and scored the largest cash prize in reality show history.

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Jersey City police officer Tony Vlachos is now $2 million richer after winning 'Survivor: Winners at War.'

Tony and 19 other past winners of the show battled it out for the title of survivor. Vlachos scored $1 by outwitting and outlasting on 'Survivor: Cagayan' in 2014.

What made this win even more fascinating is that the final three contestants were all from New Jersey. Tony, who lives in Allendale, Michelle Fitzgerald from Freehold, and Natalie Anderson from Edgewater. #JerseyStrong, right!

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Tony said he promised his two children go-karts if he won. The latest Survivor champion added that he invested his first million in real estate. The additional prize money will go to paying off mortgages.

Congrats to Tony and thank you for your service in Jersey City.

It's fascinating to me how this was Survivor's 40th season. I remember watching the first episode. Producers continue to keep the game fresh and interesting. Plus, you won't find a bigger cult following. I know super fans that have been trying to get on the show for almost 20 years.

While the game is not easy by any stretch, doesn't being on an island with no comforts sound pretty appealing right now? I'd gladly play the game than have to worry about COVID-19 on the regular. You're only on the island for 30 days though. Food for thought, I guess.

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