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Earlier this year, Attorney-General Matthew J Platkin and Division of Gaming Enforcement director (DGE) David Rebuck brought in more accessible self-exclusion measures for gambling and introduced new standards for gambling ads in the state of New Jersey. This was part of a major move in the state's drive towards more responsible gambling.

This article outlines these new standards and the impact hoped to have from their introduction, as well as tips for how to gamble responsibly, for example, properly reading the terms of conditions on bonuses at BonusFinder in NJ before commencing gameplay, and not gambling when drunk.

What Initiatives Were Brought In?

In March 2023, the DGE reported that gaming revenue rose by 17.8% compared to the same month of the previous year. Upon noting that the uptick in sports wagering and gaming online had made a considerable impact, Rebuck and Platkin set to introduce new rules for advertising online and sports gambling.

“In the face of that boom, we have a duty to protect the public from advertising that could be misleading or harmful. And for those in the grip of gambling addiction, we need to offer as many exit ramps from their condition as possible,” Platkin said in a news release.

These measures included showing the 1-800-GAMBLER hotline in advertisements, barring phrases such as “guaranteed wins” or “risk-free” bets and offering quick and easy ways to opt out of direct gambling advertising. The DGE will also provide a video conference option to easily self-exclude without leaving home as an additional boost to New Jersey’s existing voluntary self-exclusion program.

A New Senior Level Position Within the DGE

As well as announcing these new online and sports gambling advertising measures, Platkin also shared that there would be an addition of a senior-level position within the DGE solely dedicated to responsible gaming. This role will be called the responsible gaming coordinator.

This coordinator would report directly to the DGE director and would deal with any issues and concerns around responsible gaming, while also protecting and advancing state initiatives.

“By establishing a dedicated, senior-level position within the Division of Gaming Enforcement to focus on responsible gaming, we are sending a clear message that we take this work seriously – and so should the industry,” Platkin said while announcing this new position.

Which U.S States Are The Most Addicted to Gambling?

The initiatives brought in by Platkin and Rebuck are an important part of New Jersey's commitment to responsible betting, especially after a recent study showed that New Jersey ranks as the sixth most gambling-addicted state in the U.S. The study used two general categories “Gambling Problem and Treatment” and “Gambling Friendliness” and 20 other metrics to assess the ranking, which goes as follows:

1. Nevada
2. South Dakota
3. Montana
4. Louisiana
5. Mississippi
6. New Jersey
7. Oklahoma
8. West Virginia
9. Pennsylvania
10. Oregon

Tips For Gambling Responsibly

The new guidelines brought in are a great step towards gambling responsibility in the state, however, there are also several tips if you find you're struggling to manage your betting hobby, or feel you might be heading towards addiction.

  • View the game as a form of entertainment rather than a means to make money
  • Make sure to only bet what you can comfortably afford
  • Only bet 1% of your bankroll at a time
  • Decide a money limit in advance
  • Never chase your losses
  • When gambling, take regular breaks
  • Never gamble when drunk
  • Avoid gambling when you're depressed, upset or angry
  • Attempt to bet from a position of knowledge
  • Educate yourself on the sport you are wagering on
  • Don't let betting interfere with your daily responsibilities
  • Balance betting with other hobbies and pursuits
  • Keep track of the money spent and time taken
  • Seek help if you believe your gambling has become a problem

If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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