(Video courtesy of Sacred Heart University. Linda McMahon discusses women in the workplace in 2014)

Small business operators in New Jersey are being given their chance to express to the Small Business Administration in Washington ways to cut regulatory obstacles and improve policies.

In an effort to help soften the burden for small businesses, SBA administrator Linda McMahon seeks input from them to see what can be done to make sure there's sizable growth.

New Jersey SBA district director Al Titone says they want to hear what works and what needs to be improved.

"If there's stuff they like they think might be able to be improved or stuff that they don't like they think the SBA could get rid of or really pretty much anything in between, they want to hear about it," said Titone.

He says the two biggest issues he's heard come up include lending regulations and government contracting.

Owners have shared other road blocks as well.

"Investment and innovation and advocacy stuff," said Titone. "The fair federal rules or regulations that small businesses think make it hard for them to grow, that's something that we can help address as well through or advocacy office."

Titone recommends that even if it's something you've brought up before, you should submit them again.

"If someone has something they would like to see or whatever, I would tell them to just go ahead and sign-in and do it," said Titone.

A special SBA task force will collect the comments and share with administrator Linda McMahon.

Titone says the more people voice concern over something, the better chance it has to be changed.

"If we get enough of the same complaint, the administrator (McMahon) can go to the president and say, 'hey, in addition to our stuff, these are other things we've heard'," said Titone.

For more info on the process Titone says you can also call them at 973-645-2434.

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