I am writing this article with one thought on my mind: I TOLD YOU SO!

According to NYPost.com, New Jersey is the SMARTEST STATE IN THE USA!

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We have been ranked as the most intelligent based on the percentage of adults who have college degrees and high school diplomas in addition to median SAT scores.

Take a look at the data:

24% of New Jersey residents have a Bachelor's Degree.

91% have their High School diplomas

The SAT Median Score last year was 1,090

Coming in as 2nd most intelligent is Utah. Massachusetts came in 3rd.

It gets even better. New York ranked towards the bottom of the list: Number 32! HA!

I mean....I'm sure they tried.....

But overall, the East Coast ranked higher than the West Coast so at the very least, we are all on the right side of the country.

Take a look at the original article at NYPost.com.

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