It’s all about that money honey! You’ve heard the expression, “a penny saved is a penny earned” well what if that penny is worth $4,583 dollars? Well it is, and it could be in your possession right now. 

The penny gets a bad rap. People generally want them to be canceled because they are deemed a nuisance. If there was ever a coin that got no respect it would be the penny. Sorry Abe. 

Photo by Gio Bartlett on Unsplash
Photo by Gio Bartlett on Unsplash

However, you may want to dig though that money jar in the corner of your bedroom and look for this particular penny because it is worth almost 5 thousand dollars in mint condition! Apparently, it means big money to be imperfect. One particular penny from 1999 is missing a mint mark leaving no letter under the year on the “heads” side of the coin. Another tell is that there will be an incorrect space between the letters "a" and "m" in America.  

It would be a bit tedious to look though all those coins but the next time you have a handful of change why not take a glance while you are waiting on line? This is the second time I’m telling you about some expensive change in the last few days. There is also a flawed quarter floating around that could earn you over two thousand dollars.  You can read about that here

Here is a TikTok video of how to spot your winner penny:  

@the_coin_guy Check your change jars for this penny! #cointok#fyp#fypシ#foryou#foryoupage#foryourpage#thecoinchannel#coincollection#coincollecting#money#moneytok#thecoinguy#ReTokforNature♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz
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