We like to think we treat our servers well here in New Jersey, and we also like to think we tip them well. if that is what you think, then you might want to think again. If one report is true, you might even get embarrassed by ranking New Jersey received. We may not be the generous group we give ourselves credit for being.

Neonbrand, Unsplash
Neonbrand, Unsplash

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We found results about the states that tip the most, and least at Business Insider, and we didn't like them. The study was done pre-pandemic (2018) and there is the hope that our tipping habits may have changed since then, and we hope so.

According to this study the generous, appreciative people of the Jersey Shore, and all through the state for that matter, are the 6th worst tippers in the nation. You can literally count the states worse at tipping than we are on one hand.

I will say, the difference between the bottom 5 and the top 5 on this list is not huge. For example, the most generous tipping state, Idaho, averaged tips of 17.4%, while the Garden state's average is 15.5%.

Unsplash, Proriat
Unsplash, Proriat

So, what we're talking about here is a two dollar difference on a $100 bill, but as any server will tell you, that amount really adds up over the course of a night or week, and with all restaurant servers have been through, every dollar counts.

Are you curious just how close we came to being the wort state in the nation? The state ranked last, Hawaii coughed up an average 14.8% tip, so we missed being the worst by a mere 0.7%. That's way too close.

Listen, we know money is tight for everyone, customers and servers included. But we'd love to think that when the post-pandemic version of this study is done, we here in the Garden state find a way to wiggle out of the bottom 10 on this one.

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