Finding an appointment to receive a COVID-19 Vaccine -- even if you are currently eligible -- has been a nightmare these days.

But luckily, some good news has been released.

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According to Governor Phil Murphy, New Jersey will receive approximately 130,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine over the next 3 weeks.

In addition, New Jersey will be receiving, "equipment from the federal government needed to dispense the Pfizer vaccine, which needs to be stored in an ultra-cold freezer with temperatures between -112 degrees Fahrenheit and -76 degrees Fahrenheit."

“Those are all big steps in the right direction,” said Governor Phil Murphy . “We’re still not in the end zone. The Biden team knows that. But the intermediate steps they’re taking are good."

The current pacing  for the Garden State has been as followed:

- We have been receiving approximately 100,000 vaccine doses per week

- Approximately 25,000 doses are being administered per day at about 270 locations across New Jersey.

And just as a refresher, here are the groups who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine:

- First responders -- which include fire fighters and police officers

- Residents of nursing homes and group homes

-Prisoners and correction officers

- Those who are 65 years old and older

- Those with underlying medical conditions like asthma that make them more at-risk

- Smokers

Governor Phil Murphy did specify in his press conference on Wednesday that teachers are next in line to become eligible.

“Educators are next up to bat,” the governor said. “We’re going to stay steady but I want to be able to add educators as soon as possible.”

 For any other information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine distribution in New Jersey, head to

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