If you live in New Jersey, you know driving is certainly no picnic. There's congestion, traffic and rude drivers. But now we know just how bad driving in New Jersey is compared to all the states in the nation.

It turns out that our suspicions that New Jersey is a tough place to drive have been confirmed by some research done by WalletHub, and released earlier this year. We proudly drive the roads of the 8th worst state to drive in.

And if you're thinking what I'm thinking, ranking 8th worst might actually lead to breathing a sigh of relief. Your first reaction may very well have been 'that's not that bad, I thought we'd do worse".

Your second thought, if it was similar to mine may have been "If we're in the eighth worst state, I'd hate to drive in the other seven". By the way, the other seven are West Virginia, Maryland, Colorado, California, Washington, Rhode Island and Hawaii (listed from 7th worst to worst).

So, what lead to our ranking. Here are some of the findings that got us there...

Our traffic and infrastructure rank was the third worst in the nation, ranking better than only Maryland and Massachusetts.

The 'cost of ownership and maintenance' category saw us land at #39 on the list, and that didn't help either.

If you are looking for some positive news, the study does have a bit of it for the Garden State. We are ranked 9th in the 'safety' category, so there's something to be happy about.

Only in New Jersey can we be ranked 8th worst in something and not feel surprised in a bad way. As a matter of fact, some might not even consider it bad news. I guess the bar is pretty low on some things.

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