We've heard of a haunted house or a haunted trail, but have you ever heard of a haunted tree? Apparently, there's one right here in New Jersey. 

It's called "Devil's Tree," and it's in Bernards Township, Somerset County. As if the sight of the tree isn't creepy enough, the legend behind it is frightening.

(photo: Try To Scare Me via YouTube)
(photo: Try To Scare Me via YouTube)

One urban story points to Bernards Township being the home of the KKK dating all the back to Colonial times. Horrific acts were supposedly performed at this tree. Another tells the tale of a family tragedy that happened on a farm that used to be home to "Devil's Tree."

To this day, many claim that if you "disrespect" the tree, you will encounter misfortune. Legend has it that one man urinated on the tree and hit a deer while driving home. Another simply badmouthed the tree and got an instant nose bleed. These are just a few of the stories.

The fear of this tree is very real. So many people have tried to cut the tree down, that chain link is wrapped around the base.

These friends claim after shooting this video, one of them pitched in their State Championship baseball game and gave up 9 runs in the first inning before being pulled.

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