What do the people of New Jersey want to do for a living?

Drive a UPS truck, of course!

With news out of UPS drivers' ability to make $170,000 after five years on the job,  New Jersey residents have been hopping on Google, searching for "UPS driving jobs."

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Jersey residents aren't alone, either. People all across the country have been trying to find out how to wear the classic brown uniform.

UPS To Factor Box Size Into New Pricing Method
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Using Google Trends, PRPioneer.com did a study that showed "New Jersey among the states with the highest interest in UPS driver roles, with a search score of 79%."

New Jersey actually was the 19th interested state, with Kentucky and Missipppi tied for first - meaning their residents search for the phrase the most.

According to CBSNews, the new UPS Drivers' deal "will increase full-time workers' compensation to $170,000 from roughly $145,000 over five years, according to UPS' calculations. It will also boost part-time workers' salaries to at least $25.75 per hour, and end mandatory overtime."

Not bad right?

UPS drivers work hard for their money, so if you're trying to land a driver job, be ready for lots of physical work.

Good Luck!



SOURCE: PRPioneer.com

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