I have never heard of this board game and I like to think I'm the queen of the board games.

Board games helped us get through a rough couple of years with the pandemic. Speaking with families about what we've all been through with Covid-19, with everything that was so different for us, board games kept our minds off of it, while having fun with the family.

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Growing up my favorite board games were Sorry, Monopoly, Trouble, and Risk. As I got older my faves were Apples to Apples, Clue, and so many more.

Poughkeepsie, wavebreakmedia, ltd.
Poughkeepsie, wavebreakmedia, ltd.

Almost every weekend we have a game night with our friends, it's so much fun. I always want to win and somehow I always lose. At the dinner table, we still play a game most nights. Board games bring everyone together. It might be a card game like UNO or different versions of Clue.

If you're anything like me, you have a cabinet filled with games. After years and years of getting board games and some from my childhood, everyone knows where the board game cabinet is in my house. It's the memories that we never forget, playing with Nana and Grammy.

As I get older, I love playing board games. I love playing teams, the girls against the boys, or couples against each other. It makes for such a fun night.

So, here's what I thought I'd do, a countdown to New Jersey's Top 10 board games. And of course, that board game, I've never heard of The Uzzle?

New Jersey's Top 10 Board Games Of All Time

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