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Ladies, seems like we can all relax. According to a new survey from Redbook, men don't notice things like cellulite, a little belly, or split ends.

What they DO notice though, is fake tans, collagen lips, and that expressionless face you wind up with after one too many maybe it's time we stop being so hard on ourselves and embrace what nature gave us.

Women SHOULD have laugh shows you have a sense of humor...and that you've LIVED. We're much too critical of ourselves and each other...and apparently most men agree. So stop worrying that your legs jiggle, your forehead isn't as smooth as it was 10 years ago, and you don't fill out your tops as well as your best friend. Your man probably hasn't even noticed...and even if he has, a real man will love you for ALL of you. He might even think that scar is sexy.
Do you think women are too hard on themselves? And guys, what's the stuff you wish women would stop worrying so much about?