If you have been a part of our morning show family for any time then you are probably aware of the fact that I love coffee. I love all kinds of coffee from the cups I brew myself at home to the after-dinner cup for dessert when we are out, I just love coffee.

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I will admit, at the request of my doctor, that I have cut back from the "pots" I would drink when I began my radio career some 30 years ago. I will admit I agree with him, too much coffee is not a good thing, and I feel better and sleep better.

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" A recent survey by the National Coffee Association found that 62 percent of Americans drink coffee every day, with the average coffee drinker consuming 3 cups daily." ~ WalletHub

That being said I still love coffee, especially a good cup of coffee. My Uncle Jimmy owned a coffee company in Chatham, New Jersey and I can still remember the smell at his house because he had his shop in his basement and there he ground his own bean blend and packaged his coffee...the smell was fantastic!

Recently WalletHub released their new survey of the Top 20 BEST coffee cities in America and one from New Jersey made the list. Jersey City made the Top 20 coming in at number 17 so congratulations to Jersey City, I'm on my way for a cup of joe!

Here Is The TOP 20 in AMERICA

1. Portland, OR11. Minneapolis, MN
2. San Francisco, CA12. Los Angeles, CA
3. Seattle, WA13. Denver, CO
4. Orlando, FL14. Long Beach, CA
5. Pittsburgh, PA15. New Orleans, LA
6. Honolulu, HI16. Oakland, CA
7. Tampa, FL17. Jersey City, NJ
8. Miami, FL18. Washington, DC
9. San Diego, CA19. Irvine, CA
10. Boston, MA20. New York, NY


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