The workforce has gone through drastic changes since the COVID-19 Pandemic.

There has been a major power struggle employees and management on various topics including working in office versus remote, better benefits and higher pay.

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All of these demands has lead to an exponential number of people, both in New Jersey and across the country, to quit their jobs.

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This phenomenon is being called The Great Resignation.

Things are changing and fast. For example, did you know you might be losing money if you stay at your current job?

Plus, workers across the country and now taking part in something known as, "Quiet Quitting" which encourages workers to only do the work they are being compensated for.

This power struggle between management and employees continue with a new phenomenon also growing in popularity in New Jersey: Quiet Firing.

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According to, Quiet Firing is being defined, "as management going years without giving a person a raise or promotion, shifting their responsibilities to tasks requiring relatively less experience, or deliberately withdrawing development and leadership opportunities."

Basically, your boss shuts you out so much so that you quit on your own versus the company firing you and having to pay severance.

It's a dog eat dog world out there and then some right now.

According to, there are a few signs to look out for that may signify you were Quiet Fired.


Read this. Remember it. And good luck on your job search.

1. Your boss is MIA

Do you get the feel your boss is avoiding you? Do your meetings get canceled a lot?

This is a huge red flag according to Grick Ng, a Harvard College career adviser:

“You manager’s No. 1 job is to ensure that the people on their teams are happy, successful and thriving, and to remove obstacles and blockers from their way," explained Ng according to "If your manager is not taking the time to understand your work... this is not an environment where you can grow and thrive.”

2. Opportunities are going to other employees

Another warning sign is if your boss redirects assignments to other employees that were once promised to you.

This shows a lack of trust.


According to, Grick suggested to, "ask a co-worker if they are experiencing similar behavior changes from your manager," to see if you are being singled out.

3. Your boss dodges important questions

If other employees are receiving raises or promotions and you are not, the first step should be to talk to your boss.

The red flag arises when your boss does not have a real explanation for why you are being overlooked.

4. You are given unrealistic goals

"If you are competent and the performance improvement plan is only based on subjective feedback, it’s actually just code for 'we want you to quit,” according to


According to Nadia De Ala of Real You Leadership, “If the action items are literally unachievable and highly improbable to deliver in the expected time frame, or if your boss isn't offering any support for you to succeed in hitting all your to-do’s,” then the underlying message is pretty clear.

5. Your workload changes without your input

A sign of quiet firing is that you are given additional responsibilities, "without any adjustment in title or pay."

In some instances, employees have been asked to relocate with no financial support.

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