Nick Jonas, a born and raised Jerseyan, would jump at the chance to portray another New Jersey native in a movie one day. Jonas told Apple Music on Tuesday that he loves Bruce Springsteen and that being able to act as him in a role has always been a dream of his.

According to Billboard, Jonas told Zane Lowe that he missed the chance to see Springsteen at Giants Stadium when he was younger, but finally saw him two years ago in Los Angeles.

"Well, growing up in New Jersey, Bruce obviously has a special place in my heart and my creative life," Jonas said in the interview. "And it is a dream of mine -- and I'll just go ahead and say it, hoping that it gets to the right ears -- but it's a dream of mine to play him in a movie one day and tell his story in some way that would be honoring to him and that he could be involved with."

He says that the Jonas Brothers have tried to keep the same meaningful career for fans that Springsteen had on them. In December, the brothers had an interactive virtual concert with their fans that was completely inspired by the musician. They let them pick the set list and submit artwork to be used for official, limited edition merchandise.

"Me and the brothers kind of said that about our shows. It's like, we always want to make sure that our artistic vision comes through and that we're saying what we want to say, but we also want this to be the best night of our fan's week or month or year. So we try to bring that same energy and that's all thanks to Bruce's model,” said Jonas.

Seeing how artists have adapted to more virtual styles of interacting with fans has been really cool, especially during this pandemic. The lack of shows have taken a toll on both artists and music consumers who use music as an outlet for their life, so seeing artists finding new ways to connect with fans have been really important.

So what do you think, could Nick Jonas pull off playing the great Bruce Springsteen?


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