Ladies, this is NOT a drill and if you are currently relying on birth control to keep you from having any little ones, pay attention!

The New Jersey-based birth control known as Allergan has recalled their birth control pills after discovering that a major packaging mistake has been made and could ultimately lead to in influx in unexpected pregnancies --  aka big trouble.

Usually one package contains 28 pills with 24 of them containing the hormones used to prevent pregnancy. The other 4 pills are placebos with no hormones that are randomly placed and are are simply there to help women reinforce taking their pills daily.

Well whoops because these 4 place holders were placed as the first four pills to start off the package.

So what does that mean: four days without the hormones means that there will be no assistance to help prevent pregnancy. And unfortunately, there are no physical indicators to let you know if you have a faulty package.

The package number to be on the lookout for is 5620706 and has an expiration date of 05/2019.

Any questions? Call Allergan at 800-678-1605.

Good luck, Ladies.

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