Is there anything more New Jersey than a great Italian restaurant? Well, some of the most well-known foodies have chosen the best Italian restaurant in the entire state.

When it comes to love affairs in the Garden State, the only ones that top the Housewives of New Jersey or Jersey Shore are the love affairs every one of us has with food, and in this case, we're specifically talking about Italian food.

Hidden Gem Italian Restaurant

New Jersey has long been known as one of the great places to get the best Italian food in the entire country, and some experts put us at the very top of that list. So, when a major foodie publication zeroes in on the best Italian restaurant in our state, it certainly gets our attention.

The very well-respected folks at Lovefood have revealed their selection for the absolute best Italian restaurant in our state, and we can't wait to find out what it is.

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Their choice may surprise you, making you want to try this place very soon. Their focus lands in Middlesex County in the amazing town of New Brunswick.

New Jersey Italian Restaurant For Your Bucket List

No one was more happy to hear of their selection than the nice people at a place called Catherine Lombardi, because they were the restaurant with just about the highest honor you can get in the Garden State for food.

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They are located on Livingston Ave in New Brunswick if you want to try it. If that's the place that serves up New Jersey's best Italian food, then that's where you'll find me very soon.

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