The look of a creepy crawling insect is not bad enough. Now they have to give these little agents of fear hopelessly frightening names. And unfortunately for us, these little creatures all call New Jersey home.

Sometimes the name is more scary than the bug; we'll learn that as we move on in our little exercise here. But for the time being, we have unearthed 5 bugs that can be found in parts of New Jersey with very creepy names. Let's see if their behavior matches.

The Scariest Bug Names In New Jersey

Assassin Bug. With a name like that, they seem like they're right out of a horror movie, and that makes sense because according to Insect Identification, they repeatedly stab their prey, and yes, they inflict painful bites on humans sometimes, so avoid them if you can.

Black Widow. We don't have to explain much about this well-known and poisonous spider. The name is creepy, the bug is dangerous. Nobody is happy to see a Black Widow spider, pretty much ever.

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Carolina Wolf Spider. They did not stay in the Carolinas, and you might wish they did. They are big, fast, and hairy and don't bother waiting for a web to do the work. They hunt prey. Not bone-chilling at all, right?

The Bugs That Scare New Jersey Residents

Cuckoo Wasp. These colorful little guys didn't get their names because they were strange, but because they had parenting skills like the cuckoo bird. They are quite beautiful and are shades of metallic in color.

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Masked Hunter. It looks a lot like a sci-fi movie spider mated with a rock, but it's actually a form of assassin bug, and can also deliver a painful bite to humans if not handled carefully. Why would you possibly be handling it?

So, there you go. It's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creepy bugs with scary names. Sleep well.

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