ASBURY PARK — A police officer is in trouble for the language he used while chasing after several teens in January.

A short cellphone video taken by cab driver Mike Rice, posted by the Asbury Park Press, opens with Rice speaking to the camera. A ruckus in the background catches Rice's attention, and he turns the lens in that direction.

"Oh s**t, they're f**king with the police," Rice said in the video.

An Asbury Park officer comes into view, walking along Springwood Avenue and yelling at a group that is not seen on the video, except for one teen running down the street away from the officer.


"Come on over to me right now. Right now. That's what I thought, you little f**king punk-a** b***h," the officer said to the group. Several voices respond to the officer with profanities, but cannot all be understood on the video. Rice calls to the officer as he walks away from the group.

Neither the video nor Rice's comments indicate what prompted the incident.

"Every time I see the little b*****s they pull this s**t. Every time I see them," the officer vents to Rice. "Next time, I'm locking their little a***s up."

The officer seemed to be aware he was on video, and makes a comment about being on YouTube before walking away.

Asbury Park Mayor John Moor told the newspaper that the city is "aware" of the video and the officer's identity. He said "appropriate action" is being taken against the officer.

Neither Moor nor Asbury Park Police Chief David Kelso immediately returned messages.


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