A woman is suing the McDonald’s in Millville because she was served a burger with a wrapper that was smeared with feces.

After bringing their food home on Jan. 13, Amanda Bordois' daughter grabbed a burger out of the bag and noticed a brown substance on the wrapper and her hand, which Bordois at first thought was grease.

She realized it was fecal matter after realizing that it also had a “horrible stench," the lawsuit says.

Realizing the the fries were likely touching the wrapper, her daughter threw up and washed her hands while Bordois tossed the entire meal in the garbage, according to the complaint.

She was unsuccessful in calling the restaurant on the phone. She called police who told her they'd go to the restaurant and would contact the county Department of Health.

An officer also went to Bordois' home and saw the wrapper, according to the complaint.

In a police report obtained by the Vineland Daily Journal, franchise owner John Durante of JDKD Enterprises told the officer he handled the order and what he and Bordois saw on the wrapper wasn't possible because he would have noticed it when he was putting their food in its bag.

A Department of Health inspector went to the restaurant and wrote in a report that he saw food-handling employees not washing their hands after going to the restroom.

Bordois said that she and her daughter continue to suffer "severe emotional distress, shock and mental anguish, nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite and heightened anxiety" as a result of the incident and had to seek medical attention.

The lawsuit accuses JDKD Enterprises of failing to prepare and serve food in a safe manner. It seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages as well as their attorney and legal fees.

"Serving safe, high quality food is always our top priority and we take this claim seriously. We have taken the appropriate steps to investigate this matter and have been unable to substantiate the claim," franchise owner John Durante said in a statement.

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