an NJ in sand

It is the 2nd annual National New Jersey Day and I want to hear everyone at the Jersey Shore to say it LOUD and say it PROUD.

Those of us that reside in the Garden State are very unique, spunky, and basically you are never bored.

So let's live it up to the fullest today because we are, in fact, celebrating ourselves!

So how should we celebrate? The only way we know how -- Jersey Style!!! 

1. Eat A Pork Roll

Not only do we have a civil war over what to call it, only those that were born and raised in New Jersey understand the necessity for a good Pork Roll on a regular basis. Time to chow down baby.

2. Fill Up Your Gas Tank

But DON'T pump the gas yourself or else it would be one of the worst violations you could make for today's holiday.

3. Accentuate Jersey Shore Accent

Apparently those of us from Jersey have a very noticeable accent. Make sure you not only use it, but over accentuate so that everyone knows Jersey is in the building and we don't plan on staying quiet.

4. Boardwalk Adventure

Yes, there are boardwalks in other parts of the USA but there is no boardwalk like a Jersey boardwalk. Make sure you get a humongous slice of pizza, play a boardwalk game or two, and then end the experience with a humongous funnel cake.

5. Go To The Beach

And I mean "Go To The Beach" and not "Down The Shore." It is a nice relaxing day weather pending and we have to show North Jersey how things operate down here.

6. Eat Your Vegetables

Jersey is the Garden State and when you travel elsewhere, you can definitely tell the difference when it comes to produce. So take advantage and EAT. YOUR. VEGETABLES. 

Did I miss anything you can think of? Comment below!

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