There are many ways to describe New Jersey, but if you had to do it in one word, New Jersey residents came up with some great answers.

We recently asked residents of the Garden State to choose the one word that best describes our state, and as we expected, the words chosen were a mixture of accurate, funny, and even a little angry.

Many New Jersey Residents See The Dark Side

Some of the words, shared with us on several social media platforms would be considered the down-side of life in the Garden State.

We saw words like leaving, taxes, and rude, which are sometimes true.
But the majority of the words, including the #1 answer, family, were incredibly positive.
The #2 answer was beaches, and at #3 was food.

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Despite some spattering of the negativity we’ve all come to expect from social media, the results gave us a warm, welcoming feeling about the state many of us love and most of us grew up in.

We Love New Jersey's Sense Of Humor

Despite that, even the negative comments reminded us of something about the residents of New Jersey. We can be funny and creative when we want to be.

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We do have to remind Garden State residents of one thing. Pork Roll is two words, and so is Taylor Ham. At least we can all agree on that.

We would never disqualify either, so we lumped them both in the same category and made believe they were just one word. After all, this state made "saltpepperketchup" one word.

Some runner-up answers included tomatoes, boardwalks, and coffee.

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