If you're about to pack your car to head to the airport for vacation, or to take a road trip, this is one New Jersey law you need to know.

Whether you're loading your car up for a trip, buying flowers and plants for the yard, or trying to fit a piece of furniture you need to move into the backseat of your car, you better make sure the back window is clear.

Can You Drive In New Jersey With A Blocked Rear Mirror?

Did you know that it's not legal to block your back window in your car in New Jersey? The law is pretty clear about it.

Here's the law, according to Justia.com,

39:4-58. Driving vehicle with view to rear and sides obstructed

No person shall drive a vehicle that is so constructed, loaded or covered in as to prevent its driver from having a clear view of the traffic following and at its sides, unless it is equipped with a device that will show the driver the road to the rear and side.

There's no lack of clarity in the law about needing to keep your view clear while driving here in New Jersey.

Fines For Obstructed View In New Jersey

And if you obstruct your view in that back window, US Courts says you could face up to a $50 fine or more.

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For the record, the same rules apply to the side windows as do to the rear window, so make sure you can see. That seems pretty logical.

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