Are you one of the lucky residents who have one of New Jersey's highest-paying jobs for 2024?

There is a list, published by Zippia, that takes us on a journey through the top 100 highest-paying jobs in New Jersey, and the further down the list you have to travel to find your job, the further your heart sinks.

The Top 3 Highest Paying Jobs In New Jersey

We're going to shrink the list down to the top 3 highest-paying jobs this year in New Jersey, and we will also look at the bottom jobs on the list.

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The #3 highest paying job in New Jersey is the position of President/CEO. The only thing that surprised us about this is that we thought it might even be a little higher. If you were the CEO, wouldn't you give yourself a big raise?

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At #2 is the Finance Services Director. if you're in charge of a company's finances, they are going to make sure they get the best person around, and that doesn't come cheap.

Experts Say This Is The Highest Paying Job In New Jersey For 2024

And, the top-paying job in New Jersey in 2024 might surprise you a little bit. If you're a consultant and sales rep, you have the honor of holding the highest-paying job in the Garden State for 2024, averaging a little over $229,000 a year.

Here are the bottom three jobs on the list. They are not the lowest-paying jobs in New Jersey, but they are at the bottom of the top 100.

They are Neonative Intensive Care Unit Hospitalist, Clinical Physician Assistant, and Business Service Vice President. Each of those professionals just made it into the top 100.

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