Relax and take it easy New Jersey. You're in one of America's most relaxed states, according to a recent study.

This must be a trick, right? Anyone who has spent 5 minutes in the Garden State knows you can't move 20 feet without someone or something causing you stress.

New Jersey Is Not A Stressed State

You can find all the stress you need in your inbox. There are bills, plus annoying and maddening messages from your boss, co-workers, and family. And if the bills aren't in your inbox. then they are definitely in your mailbox.

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Don't even think about getting in your car. Between the construction, the traffic, the badly timed lights, people giving you the finger, and some of the worst drivers on the planet, your good mood doesn't stand a chance.

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Plus, it's the summer, so good luck finding a parking space or an open table at a restaurant. Oh, yeah, and New Jersey is more expensive than anywhere on the planet. So, does this sound like a low-stress environment to you?

New Jersey Does Have Financial Stress

Despite all that, the nice folks at WalletHub have determined that only 11 states have less stress than we do, based on categories like work, money, family, and health-related stress.

It's no shock that work-related stress is one of our highest-ranking categories. We are the 7th most stressed state in that area, and not shockingly, we are the third most stressed state when it comes to money.

All I could think to myself about this is if this is low-stress, I'd hate to live in those other states.

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