New Jersey is home to one of the biggest lottery jackpots ever awarded, and we're one of the few states to get over the $1 billion mark.

Earlier this year, Business Insider released the list of the biggest lottery wins in every state in America, and even though New Jersey does not have the biggest win in United States history, our number is still jaw-dropping.

The Biggest Lottery Win In New Jersey History

New Jersey's big winner happened just weeks ago, in late March of this year when someone walked away with the $1.13 billion Mega Millions jackpot.

Even though that amount of money is mind-numbing, that is not the largest lottery win ever.

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For that, you'd have to go back to November of 2022, when a Powerball winner scored $2.04 billion in California.

Who Won The Biggest Lottery Jackpot Ever?

The winner of America's biggest lottery jackpot, Edwin Castro, collected a lump sum of $997.6 million, and the owners of the gas station and convenience store where he bought it grabbed a $1 million check as well.

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Just a month earlier, the second-largest Mega Millions jackpot ever was awarded in Illinois. Two winners split the $780.5 million prize.

Maine's top lottery was a $1.348 billion Mega Millions winner, In South Carolina a Mega Millions jackpot a $1.537 billion jackpot was awarded in March of 2019, and Michigan handed out a 1.05 billion dollar Mega Millions prize in March 2021.

The Billion Dollar Lottery Club

Counting New Jersey's biggest winner, the billion-dollar club has 5 members, so we're in exclusive company.

New Jersey ranks 3rd on the list of Mega Millions winners, with New York leading the way, followed by California.

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