A brand new bill has been introduced and if it passes, lottery winners will have the option to remain anonymous in New Jersey.

At first, I did understand why the New Jersey Lottery wanted their winners to go public.

Being able to see the person glowing ear to ear on camera after winning millions of dollars makes it much more real for the other lottery players.

It piggy backs off of the idea of, "If they won, I could soon win too," which keeps people playing.

However, there is a valid argument for the other side of this debate.

Currently, the rule is that if someone wins millions of dollars, they cannot claim their prize unless they reveal their identity to the public.

This can be a huge safety risk. It can be super dangerous if people know where to go to score millions of dollars. Not to mention, everyone you know or have known and their mother will reach out soon after. People don't always have good intentions and this information could make people that much more vulnerable.

“Once you win, you can get inundated by family, friends, even scammers trying to get ahold of the money and so this was really geared towards letting people remain anonymous if they do have the great fortune to win,” says Republican state Sen. Kristin Corrado.

There will be a vote on this new bill today! But before the votes are cast, what do YOU think?

Take a look at the article explaining this new bill at News12.com.

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