There are some laws about parking in New Jersey that you might be wondering about. Here are a couple you might not know.

It never fails. If you live in a Jersey Shore town, this probably happens to you all the time. Parking spots are at a premium this time of year, and you rely on the one in front of your house as a nice spot to put your vehicle.

New Jersey Parking Laws

But seconds after you move the car, that spot is gobbled up by someone. Is there anything you can do about keeping that spot in front of your house for yourself?

Unfortunately for you, if the parking spot in front of your house is legal,  anyone can park there, but you have no more right to it than anyone else.

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And in most towns, it's not legal to put cones out to save the spot, at least not without a permit.

Can You Park In Front Of Your Driveway In New Jersey?

So, without a spot in front of your house, you may have to block your driveway.

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We all know it's illegal for someone else to block your driveway, but what about you? It turns out the law is on your side on this one.

Here's the law in New Jersey about blocking your driveway, according to Justia Law.,

Notwithstanding the provisions of R.S.39:4-138 to the contrary, any municipality may, by ordinance, permit the parking of motor vehicles in front of private driveways whenever both the motor vehicle and driveway involved are owned by the same person, whenever the motor vehicle is owned by a member of the same household as the owner of the private driveway, or whenever the owner of the private driveway authorizes the parking of a motor vehicle in front of the private driveway; and where such parking is not otherwise prohibited and the permitting thereof would not interfere with the normal flow of traffic.

In other words, you, anyone who lives in your home, or someone you authorize can block your driveway. At least that's what we think it says.

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