There are a lot of town names in New Jersey that sound a little unusual to us, and now one publication has named the town that has the quirkiest name in the whole state.

When you think about the great names of so many New Jersey towns, some are more fun to say than others. For example, the first one that comes to my mind is Ho-Ho-kus. But apparently, Ho-Ho-kus is no Buttzville.

New Jersey Has Some Unique Town Names

This incredible town's name is a Delaware Indian term for Red Cedar, according to the town's website, and it's one of the most fun town names to say in the state. but it's not the quirkiest

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There's also another town name that is fun to repeat over and over, and that's Weehawken, which means "maize land". That's an awesome name, but still not the quirkiest.

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We can't talk about this topic without mentioning a town name that might have you thinking you're in the frozen food aisle at the supermarket. The name Peapack was derived from a Lenape Native American term for  "marriage of the waters".

What Is New Jersey's Quirkiest Town?

If none of those towns grabbed the title of quirkiest town name in New Jersey, what could? It turns out that the Daily Meal chose a town name that will delight young and old alike, especially if you like silly humor.

Their choice for the quirkiest town name in New Jersey is a place called Buttzville. If you can stop giggling for a minute, the name is a tribute to the son of the founder of the town. It was founded in 1839 and was named for Michael Buttz's son Liam Buttz.

Naming a town for a son is a really beautiful thing, but the name will always produce some silly chuckles, which we're sure mean no disrespect.

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